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Sep 02, 2016

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Oct 02, 2015

Eagle monitoring cameras installed for 2015

Mawson Oy has installed eagle monitoring cameras close to eagle nests located in the Company's exploration area. The installation was completed in conjunction with an expert from Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services. The cameras will take a picture every half an hour from the nesting tree.

Eagle nesting season commences on 15th of February. Cameras are an easy way to monitor the nests and do not disturb the eagle. Photos inform the company if an eagle settles in a nest of interest by the end of March.

A safety buffer of a settled nest is 1100 metres starting from the 15th of February. All exploration activities are limited after that date and the Company needs permission from Metsähallitus to continue working. Permission can be obtained if the eagle does not nest by the end of March. This has happened in previous years.

Oct 02, 2015

Mawson has participated in a number of different stakeholder meetings during January

January was a busy month for the company when there were various stakeholder meetings held. The Company organized a meeting with the Lapland Nature Conservation Association and also with people representing Meltosjärvi Village Association. The main topics of the meetings were current issues and future plans. Mawson also took part in a major project evening organized by the Ylitornio municipality.

At the end of the month, the Company received a pleasant guest from USA. A gentleman originally coming from Aavasaksa visited staff in Lohijärvi with his cousin from Rovaniemi. The discussion provided Mawson with many excellent ideas and suggestions for actions to develop and improve in the future. Also a common field trip for next summer was agreed.

The Lapland Nature Conservation Association invited the company to attend to a public event on 12th of March 2015 at 18.00 in Ylitornio. Mawson is pleased to take part to the event and inform all about its research activities.

Mar 12, 2014

Local horse owner saddles up horses to assist in exploration work

Currently, Mawson is carrying out the sampling with a portable drill rig at Rajapalot in Finland. Using the rig requires transport of among other things, fuels, biodegradable oils and spare parts. These supplies were previously carried into the area by manpower along the temporary duckboards the Company has built during summer 2015. The Company decided to reduce its environmental foot print even further and commenced cooperation with a local horse owner.

"A horse carries four to five times what one man can" says the Company's Exploration Geologist, Janne Kinnunen, who was present when the horses started working.

Noora Raasakka, Mawson's Environmental Leader says, "A horse moves much faster than a human. Less visits will reduce the interference caused to the environment and different species. By using horses need for snowmobiles can be reduced and the noise pollution minimized."

The horse works a couple of times a week by carrying supplies to the drilling rig. Environmental impacts can be reduced by a significant extent in the long run.

Horses working at Rajapalot in December, 2014