Vancouver, Canada – Mawson Resources Limited (“Mawson”) or (the “Company”) (TSX:MAW, Frankfurt:MXR, PINKSHEETS: MWSNF) announces further high-grade gold results from outcrop, mini-drill and diamond saw channel samples at the Company’s East Rompas prospect. East Rompas is a new discovery that lies within Mawson’s 100% owned Rompas-Rajapalot project in Northern Finland, 500 metres east of the 6 kilometre long Rompas high-grade gold vein system.

Key Points:
  • Seventy-eight samples are reported here, collected from surface outcrops along a 700 metre trend. Ten outcrop samples assayed greater than 0.1 g/t gold. The strike continuity of two high grade gold-bearing zones has been confirmed by recent sampling to exceed 700 metres, within a mineralized trend over 1.2 kilometres in strike;
  • Highlights from outcrop and mini-drill and diamond sawn samples include
    • 283.0 g/t gold in a 0.2 m channel sample;
    • 42.2 g/t gold in a 0.7 m channel sample, and
    • 45.4 g/t gold in a minidrill grab sample (Table 1, Figures 1 and 2).
  • In combination with samples reported on October 11, 2017and October 23, 2017, 40 grab and channel samples range from 0.1 g/t gold to 2,375 g/t gold, with an average grade of 161.7 g/t gold and a median of 1.1 g/t gold (Table 1). Channel samples are considered representative of the in-situ mineralization sampled and channel widths quoted approximate the true width of mineralization. Grab samples are selective by nature and are unlikely to represent average grades on the property.
  • Diamond drilling at East Rompas is ongoing, having completed 580 metres of a 2,000 metre program that is testing the core mineralized trend (forecast to finish by the end of January);

Mr Hudson, Chairman & CEO states, "East Rompas is an exciting new discovery by the Mawson team, with the strike length of the two semi-parallel mineralized zones now exceeding 700 metres. These new results increase the continuity of the zones and also include the identification of a new low sulphide, high gold-tellurium-bismuth association. Drilling to test the East Rompas mineralized trend is now back underway after a break for the holidays and we look forward to first results from this exciting new discovery.”

Initial discovery results from East Rompas were published October 11, 2017and follow-up results onOctober 23, 2017. Geological mapping, sampling, geophysics and drill planning is now complete and diamond drilling, which commenced in mid-December 2017 is ongoing.

East Rompas is located approximately 500 metres east of the 6 kilometre long Rompas high-grade vein system where drill results include 6 metres @ 617 g/t in drill hole ROM0011 (Figure 1). Gold mineralization discovered in outcrop is fracture controlled and associated with strongly biotite-altered mafic rocks, believed hydrothermal in origin, and similar to undrilled prospects at the Rajapalot area to the east. Gold mineralization has been discovered sporadically in two semi-parallel trends, perhaps as part of an en echelon array within a 700-metre-long NNW-SSE oriented zone, where the width of the individual occurrences are at least 20 metres (Figure 2). Outcrop is poor and forms less than 5% of the area. The northern mineralized zone is better exposed than the southern zone.

Geologic mapping and sampling, combined with interpretation of the ground geophysics (VLF-R and 25 metres spaced ground magnetics) has allowed definition of sulphidic targets and a recognition that the likely near-surface strike extent of the mineralized zone is up to 1,200 metres long. Diamond drilling is focussing on disseminated and sulphidic strike extensive targets associated with the surface outcrops reported here. The biotite-rich altered rocks associated with much of the gold, are poorly exposed when alteration intensity increases requiring geophysical interpretation to infer their extent under the swampy and shallow till covered ground.

Bismuth, tellurium and gold are strongly correlated in a similar manner to the gold found in both the Rompas vein trend and the disseminated sulphidic mineralization at Rajapalot. Although pyrrhotite is commonly associated with gold in surface outcrops, the relationship is not linear – some low-sulphide, but biotite-rich samples contain gold. Further diamond drilling in the current program will help to delineate the extent of the gold-bearing biotite-rich zones. Bismuth contents range from 0.01 ppm (detection limit) to 106 ppm with a mean of 2.86 ppm, a median of 0.11 ppm from 78 samples; tellurium was above detection (0.05 ppm) in 65 samples with a maximum of 97.1 ppm, a mean of 3.92 ppm and a median of 0.11 ppm.

The area is fully permitted for diamond drilling and is located outside Natura 2000 areas, within the Männistö exploration permit (granted in 2017).

Technical Background

The qualified person for Mawson's Finnish projects, Dr. Nick Cook, President for Mawson and Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining Metallurgy has reviewed and verified the contents of this release.

A hand-held minidrill and a diamond saw were used to sample outcrops where sampling with a geological hammer was not possible. Single drill samples and foliation-parallel composite samples were obtained using the minidrill which was drilled up to 20 cm into outcrop areas. Diamond saw channels were cut perpendicular to the foliation up to 10 cm deep, approximately 2-4 cm thick and of variable length. Analytical samples were transported by Mawson personnel or commercial transport from site to the CRS Minlab Oy facility in Kempele, Finland. Samples were prepared at Kempele and analyzed for gold at Raahe using the PAL1000 technique which involves grinding the sample in steel pots with abrasive media in the presence of cyanide, followed by measuring the gold in solution with flame AAS equipment. Multi-element assays were conducted by ALSglobal using the ME-MS61U method. The QA/QC program of Mawson consists of the systematic insertion of certified standards of known element content, and blanks the within interpreted mineralized rock. In addition, CRS and ALS insert blanks and standards into the analytical process.


Mawson Resources Limited is an exploration and development company. Mawson has distinguished itself as a leading Nordic Arctic exploration company with a focus on the flagship Rompas and Rajapalot gold projects in Finland.

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"Michael Hudson"
Michael Hudson, Chairman & CEO
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Forward-Looking Statement

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Figure 1: The Rompas and East Rompas mineralization trends.

Figure 2: The East Rompas mineralization trend with location of grab sample and gold assays.

Table 1: Grab sample assay results for all samples >0.1 g/t gold from the East Rompas mineralization trend

Easting Northing Sample Number Goldg/t Sample Type Date Reported
3400890 7376648 243161 2375.0 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400893 7376221 243176 1284.0 Bedrock 23-Oct-17
3400889 7376650 269621 850.6 Bedrock 11-Oct-17
3400893 7376221 243174 642.0 Bedrock 23-Oct-17
3400890 7376648 270214 283.0 0.2m channel here
3400920 7376528 243136 216.0 Bedrock 23-Oct-17
3400894 7376220 243172 208.0 Bedrock 23-Oct-17
3400914 7376534 243152 148.0 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400915 7376539 269618 134.1 Bedrock 11-Oct-17
3400915 7376539 269617 73.0 Bedrock 11-Oct-17
3400920 7376528 243135 61.7 Bedrock 23-Oct-17
3400876 7376777 269669 45.4 Bedrock (mini drill) here
3400876 7376777 270206 270207 42.2 0.7m channel here
3400913 7376532 269619 14.9 Bedrock 11-Oct-17
3400890 7376648 243163 10.4 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400894 7376220 243173 10.1 Bedrock 23-Oct-17
340880 7376749 270211 5.7 0.4m channel here
3400873 7376781 269666 2.0 Bedrock (mini drill) here
3400907 7376545 269620 1.8 Bedrock 11-Oct-17
3409445 7374196 269609 1.4 Float 11-Oct-17
3400868 7376826 270204 0.8 0.2m channel here
3400844 7376874 269654 0.6 Bedrock (mini drill) here
3400868 7376826 270205 0.2 0.2m channel here
3400873 7376788 203102 0.2 Bedrock 11-Oct-17
3409473 7374243 203188 0.2 Float 11-Oct-17
3400809 7376492 269635 0.2 Bedrock 23-Oct-17
3400964 7376458 243147 0.2 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400891 7376220 243177 0.2 Bedrock 23-Oct-17
3400890 7376648 243166 0.2 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400866 7376781 269663 0.1 Bedrock (mini drill) here
3400873 7376781 269667 0.1 Bedrock here
3400949 7376469 243143 0.1 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400919 7376521 243154 0.1 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400949 7376469 243144 0.1 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400890 7376648 243165 0.1 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400914 7376534 243153 0.1 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400890 7376648 243164 0.1 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400949 7376469 243145 0.1 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3400949 7376469 243146 0.1 Bedrock (mini drill) 23-Oct-17
3409281 7374331 269605 0.1 Float 10-Oct-17